Leonidas Accent Chair, Grey

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The Leonidas accent chair measures 28.5" long by 29.5" wide by 34.0" high.

Plush Fabric Wrap

The Leonidas, featuring an upholstered unibody cushion wrapped in a grey tone fabric, makes not only for a comfortable seating option but also a visually enticing addition to any living room.

Sturdy Metal Frame

Rested on a metal, four-legged X-shaped frame finished in a black toned polish, the Leonidas armchair is stable, exceptionally sturdy and is built to stand the test of time.

Modern Inspired Design

Prudently designed to uplift contemporary spaces, the Leonidas accent chair flaunts a sleek silhouette, with subtle curves and clean lines. Moreover, a slight recline on the backrest makes it a chair that doesn't compromise on comfort.

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