Amber Linen Turkish Bath Towel / Throw - Black

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Our Amber Pure Linen Towels are hand-loomed from a luxurious blend of pure flax linen and premium Turkish cotton. Beautiful and practical, these heirloom quality towels become softer and stronger overtime.
Hand-loomed from 50% pure flax linen and 50% premium Turkish cotton
Naturally anti-microbial, breathable and odor resistant
Perfect for kitchen and bath use due to its ability to prevent bacteria growth
Perfect for those with allergies or skin conditions
Crisper than cotton at first but becomes softer and more supple overtime
Our pure linen is completely harvested from natural flax plants and is the most eco-friendly and biodegradable fiber
Oeko-Tex® certified, free of harmful chemicals and dies
Made in Turkey
Materials: 50% Pure Flax Linen 50% Premium Turkish Cotton

Size: 35"x67"

Weight: 320g/11.3oz

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